Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend Metal Madness

As the new year has begun, the metal underworld has already reared its ugly, frostbitten, mutilated face. Bands are announcing new albums, knew tours, and posting some off their news music for heshers of all ages to enjoy. Whether they are young bands trying to get their careers off to a good start or established bands continuing their legacy of domination, every new year comes with exciting news of new music. Here are a few of the ones we are looking for in the coming months.

Swedish djent forefathers Meshuggah have announced the finishing of their new album and have a release date of March 27th set. This its great news to all of those who have an undying love of all things off kilter and maniacal. No album title or artwork has been released which will only enhanced the anticipation.

3 Inches of Blood have also announced the finishing of their latest power metal offering. They have been working tirelessly in the studio to blast out their newest slate of power metal fury. We are sure to be treated to some of this new material on their recently announced tour with Dying Fetus, The Faceless, and Devildriver.

Allegaeon have been furiously working in the studio and via Facebook have kept us all up to date on the happenings. As of December 30 they noted that all the tracking and editing has been completed. We hope to see the release date posted soon. Allegaeon is one of the rising stars of the modern death metal landscape and if this new album is anywhere near as good as previous offering Fragments of Form and Function, then this is going to tear underground metal's hymen for good.

Black Breath has also announced that they have finished work on a new LP and will be releasing out in March. Sentenced to Life is the band's second full length and is going to be one of the most anticipated albums to come out in the still young new year.

Here are some other highly anticipated releases for the year 2012 that are either already slated to come out or are ones the are simply rumored to be coming out:

Spawn of Possesion

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