Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Album Review

Skeletonwitch - "Breathing the Fire"
The latest offering from the blackened thrash metallers from Ohio has been highly anticipated. Following up their breakthrough album "Beyond the Permafrost" is not a task easily taken on. The album received rave reviews across the board from critics and fans alike. Many bands have tried to replicate previous successes on new albums and make a record that falls well beneath. Skeletonwitch decided to make a little change in their sound for "Breathing the Fire." They decided to put the black metal emphasis on the back burner and make a more straightforward thrash album. The vocals still have that grim and frostbitten feel but the rest of the music has more of a Bay-area thrash sound. The album starts off with the powerful Submit to the Suffering which pummels the listener with lightning fast riffs, seemless transistions, and a dark chorus with amazing death metal growls. The dynamics shown in the opening track give the listener a glimpse into what they are about to bear witness to for the rest of the album. Crused Beyond Dust starts out slow but quickly builds up to a climax of intensity which segues into a breakdown which transistions to the vocals finally kicking in and beating you over the head with an empty bottle of MGD. It is not easy to combine the party atmosphere of 80's thrash with the epic feeling of a snow covered tundra. Skeletonwitch have found that middle ground and showcase it on this amazing record. A must have for all thrash fans.