About Us

NW MetalHead Productions was founded in 2008 but really got moving in 2010 in order to spread the word of heavy metal and create a community that allows people from all over to converse and connect. By creating playlists, album reviews, editorials, and much more we hope to generate a place where people can debate about bands they like, learn about new bands they have never heard of, and generally take part in a healthy atmosphere that is based around heavy metal. 
Help us grow by reading our articles, commenting on anything you find interesting, and spread the word of our site to any of your friends that share your passion for all things heavy metal related.
Any bands or record labels out there that want us to review your music send us an email with a link to your music or send us a physical copy. Just send us an email at nwmetalhead@gmail.com
We are also looking for more contributors for the site; people to create reviews, editorials, and help us continue our mission of growing the heavy metal community. Send us an email at nwmetalhead@gmail.com if you are interested.