Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Allegaeon Have New Song and New Album!!!

As most of you may know, I am particularly fond of melodic tech death metal band Allegaeon as seen in my Favorite Metal Albums of 2010. And by courtesy of the band's Facebook page they have announced that their brand new album Formshifter will be released via Metal Blade Records on May 8th! This was one of the albums that I have been most looking forward to (see I'm not lying!) and this news brought a smile to my face today. Along with this announcement was the premier of new song "Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst", I have no idea what that means but its an absolute ripper of a song. It follows along with songs off their previous album Fragments of Form and Function bringing forth tight melodies with crushing vocals and mindbending solos. Hopefully this means that there will be some tour dates announced soon but in the meantime the new track will keep us satiated.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Meshuggah is Koloss-al Once Again

The buzz that is surrounding the metal underground is all coming from Sweden, something that is not novel to us. Meshuggah have announced that their new album Koloss will be released March 27th in the US and they will be touring with Decapitated and Baroness, a tour that no one should miss. To get everyone pumped up they have have released 2 songs from the album already. Check out "Do Not Look Down" here and listen to another track below. The godfathers of djent are back!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Metallica Announce Their Own 2-Day Festival

Today Metallica announced that they are to make their own festival this summer, it’s a 2 day festival with bands they supposedly picked on their own. It takes place June 23 and 24 with Metallica headling both nights. They are also going to be playing the Black Album in its entirety one of those night. You might be thinking that this is going to be a huge metal festival with tons of amazing bands both underground and above, yet when looking at some of the bands already announced, this is not the case. Artic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, Modest Mouse, The Gaslight Anthem, Cage the Elephant and more odd bands fill out the list. Even the worst black metal band ever is going to be there, Liturgy. This seems to be just another Lollapalooza or Cochella, more big name bands that have nothing to do with good metal. The hate that a lot of metalheads have towards what Metallica has become is not going to be diminished by this announcement. Check out for more info on the fest as more bands should be announced in the coming weeks. The band is still doing their announcement as I publish this to discuss the fest in more detail, but it isn't telling me anything that would make me want to actually attend the show. It is streaming at the above mentioned site.

Stay tuned for more info as it develops

Monday, February 6, 2012

A View From The Pit: Ghost, Blood Ceremony, and Ancient VVisdom

Doom and gloom, a feeling that is easy to have in the Pacific Northwest this time of year. To go along with that atmosphere one needs music that is as heavy as the torrential downpour outside the windowpane and as dark as the ominous clouds encompassing the skyline. And what better group of bands than this trio of dark lord loving misanthropes! Whether through doom, 70s occult rock, or a more traditional heavy metal approach to doom, these bands came to celebrate all that is evil and dark, and the masses were more than happy to oblige on this particular night.