Sunday, July 31, 2011

We're Back!!!

We haven’t been posting much recently but don’t worry, NW MetalHead Productions is still alive and kickin ass! We have some great new material in the works and we are excited to get it to all you metalheads out there. So in the meantime here are some of the best of recent releases.

Tech-death heroes Gorod recently put forth their newest EP with re-recorded songs, a cover, and a brilliant new epic that spans over 15 minutes and is an amazing journey set forth to amazing composition. Here is the re-recorded version of “Earth Pus” from 2005’s masterpiece Neurotripsticks.

One of the most anticipated returns finally came around this year, Poland’s Decapitated released Carnival is Forever. Many journalists are hailing this as one of the most crushing releases of the year, other are a little disappointed because it in their minds does not live up to their previous releases. However, even though it is not a copy of the brilliant Winds of Creation, this new album is definitely not a lemon. Decapitated is still a beastly death metal release that will eviscerate the uninitiated.

Another highly anticipated reunion this year was Exhumed, one of brutal death/grindcore’s early heroes. They aren’t particularly technical nor are they interested in poignant lyrics, they are simply here to play bloody, guttural death metal for the masses. Here is one of the standout tracks.

This is a very small sample of some of the best that underground metal had to offer in the past few weeks. Be sure to check back in because we will definitely be bringing more music and news to you all in the weeks to come. And be sure to create a user name on our forum so that we can continue to grow our metal community \m/

Friday, July 1, 2011

Local Northwest Metal Bands Playlist

In an effort to gear more of our writings to the Northwest, we have decided to make this playlist a decidedly homegrown affair. We are solely featuring bands from Washington State, some of the finest bands to rear their ugly heads to the world. And in these selections we have decided to show them in the finest light, the live setting, where they continually destroy audiences both large and small. That is the best thing about local bands, they open up for the bigger touring shows and play for hundreds of people as well as 25 people in a small bar on a Tuesday night. They are not doing it for large amounts of money; these guys are playing for the love of metal in its purest form. These might not all be the best videos in terms of audio, but you can see the passion these bands put forth is just as real and intense as the larger acts of the world. So go out, listen to their recorded output, and support local metal!!!!

Gravenloch – The Dirge of Sunrise

Drakul – Valley of the Dead Oaks

Nekro Morphosis – Filtering the Flock

Future Disorder – River of Corpses

Deathmocracy – Abort

Project Black Book – In a Negative Light

Phalgeron – Feeding the Phlegethon

Shaded Enmity – Like Prayers on Deaf Ears