Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pure Molten Metal

This is my new idea where I express my thoughts, views, or any other ideas on metal whether it be a local, national, or global view or it could just be about a band I am really digging at the time. Right now I would like to talk about elitism. For better or for worse, I hope this thought process continues in our scene. I would not listen to about 90% of the bands that I listen to these days because there are people that Have told me that what I listened to was crap. Sometimes they were wrong, but for the most part they were right. There needs to be these elder statesmen in the metal scene in order to inform the new kids what to listen to. If it wasn't for these elitists, I would probably still listen to solely metalcore because from the earliest points I had to find music on my own. I would like to thank the people on Facebook groups for helping me become the metalhead I am today and continue to push me into new directions of amazing bands. Especially the I'm a Metalhead and Proud of It group because it is the one I frequent most and post more regularly than any others. There have been many people in that group that have helped direct me into the direction I am in now. Whether they be elitists or simply people who have been listening to this type of music for a lot longer than I have, I thank them and I hope that I can influence a few people of my own.

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