Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gorguts - Colored Sands is Here!

Gorguts has returned!!!!! After a 12 year absence, the Canadian tech-death maestros have returned to pummel our faces and confound our sense of what death metal is. Luc Lemay has written another masterful batch of head spinning death metal that hundreds of tech-death-core 22 year olds could only wet dream about. His songs have a way of combining technical virtuosity of not just guitar work but every instrument in the band with astounding song writing. Too often bands simply try to write the most complex riff or drum pattern that basement dwelling music elitists try to spend hours emulating while forgetting there is this little thing called a song that the majority of people actually like to listen to. The songs tend to travel from mind bending guitar work to ultra-brutal death metal that is enough to start a pit in the middle of Sunday’s farmers market. Take “Forgotten Arrows” for instance, the song moves from frenetic riffs with hyper speed drums underneath to moody, slowly lumbering pacing that quickly moves back to the brutalness. The album takes the listener on a journey, expands their minds with the technical expertise, yet allows the non-music playing folk out there (cough-me-cough) to truly enjoy the songs themselves. Colored Sands is a fantastic comeback album that will truly stir up mixed emotions from across the underground. But the bottom line is this is damn fine death metal.

Stream the album here or go to http://www.revolvermag.com/news/exclusive-gorguts-premiere-new-album-colored-sands.html to check out this amazing mélange of metal madness!

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