Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Struck By Lightning Get Crusty

Combining the likes of metal and hardcore in the 80s was something revolutionary; it fused the ferocious anger of every day thugs in hardcore with the intricacies and brutality of those in the metal sphere. As time moved on, this “metalcore” became a fad that turned metal into a joke and made it very easy for crappy bands to become very popular very quickly. Nowadays there is a bit of a resurgence of combing hardcore and metal into something more crusty, something filthy that goads the listener into behaving in a primal way that equates to man wanting nothing more than food, fire, and fornication. Black Breath, Kvelertak, and Cancer Bats have all used this equation to create something beautifully grimy and now Ohioan sludger-mongers Struck By Lighting have come out with their sophomore outing Predation. The album is a fun filled romp of sludge/hardcore/death metal that will easily appeal to fans across any subgenre. The album is streaming in full HERE  at Brooklyn Vegan and is out now on Translation Lost. If your work day is dragging a little bit, make sure you listen to this now for that 2:30 feeling the commercials have been telling us so much about.

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