Saturday, May 18, 2013

YouTube Wandering - Thrash Edition

One of my favorite past times these days is to look up one particular song that I like on the Youtubes and from there click on songs from bands that I have never heard of. This is a great way to discover solid new bands as well as find some crap that you will gladly avoid in the future. Let me take you on one such journey beginning with the technical stylings of Voivod and their classic track “Killing Technology”

Alongside this great track was “Heresy” by Paradox. This band has apparently been around since 1986 and has only taken a break in the 90’s before coming back with 4 full length albums in the 2000’s. Here is a track from their second full length entitled Heresy.

Next up was “Harbinger of War” by Hellcannon, a newcomer thrash band from Buffalo New York. With only 1 full length under their bullet belts, if this song is any indication, many great things are coming from these brutes.

Following up that hellish firestorm is Nuclear with their song “Belligerence”. I have a gripe with this song right of the bat; it is a direct rip off of “Blackened” by Metallica!!!! It isn’t even a case of, it kinda sounds like the song, it is almost a note for note ripoff of the main riff. However, they do play it well so I will take a listen to some of their other material.

And to end this little trip is Stormwrath with their track “Swords of Armageddon”. This is thrash for the simple minded, nothing too complex just straight to the face pummeling. While not my favorite track of the list
it does seem like it would be a killer live band.

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