Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mid Week Metal Roundup

Mid-Week Metal Roundup

Floridian grindsters Maruta has decided to call it a day. The band had released two full lengths, including this year’s ultra-brutal Forward into Regression, on Willowtip Records and had seemed to be one of the bright future stars of grindcore. However, with losing all of the band’s original members, the remaining musicians decided to disband and move on to other ventures. Hopefully we see more from these guys in the coming years.

Vektor releases new album, Outer Isolation this week and it is a very solid follow-up to their highly acclaimed album Black Future. This progressive thrash band has been called the next Voivod based of their particular brand of thrash as well as their sci-fi inspired lyrics and even their logo has a similar look to it. However, the band is not some cheap rip-off of the legends, they are a young group that are forging their own place in the world of metal. This release will most likely be in a lot of people’s end of the year lists.

Canadian heavy metal heroes 3 Inches of Blood have announced that they are entering the studio to record their newest full length album, a follow-up to 2009’s Here Waits Thy Doom. This will be their 5th full length album and I can say that this writer is really looking forward to hearing some new material from these guys.

Here are a few other new releases:

Sanguis Imperem – In Glory We March Towards Our Doom

Young and In The Way – V. Eternal Depression

Ritual Necromancy – Oath of the Abyss

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