Saturday, January 29, 2011

Metal From Denmark

Throughout our time here running NW MetalHead Productions presents \m/ All Metal All The Time \m/ I have noticed that the majority of the visits have come from the United States, which makes sense as this site is based in the US. However, what we did not expect to see was that the next biggest market was from Denmark. This northern European country was definitely not the targeted demographic that we were aiming for. This is a welcome surprise because it means we are reaching new people all over the world and the word of metal is crossing to different people with different perspectives. So we decided that to welcome our brothers and sisters of metal in Denmark, that we would promote some great bands that come from their great country. One obvious exclusion to this list that you all must be noticing is that of King Diamond and there is one simple reason for that: you all already know about him! He is a legend and I doubt that I need to bring him to anyone else’s attention \m/ So here is my list of great bands dedicated to all you over in Denmark!! And to my friends from across the pond, feel free to list more bands that are kicking your country’s ass as well!

First up is Artillery, a great thrash band with some speed metal tendencies. Originating back in 1982, Artillery has been banging out great thrash metal despite multiple lineup changes and almost 3 decades of hardship, multiple albums, and hard touring. My favorite album is By Inheritance and it thrashes like none other. Check ‘em out!

A very unknown thrash/ death band from Denmark is called Daemon. I honestly don’t know much about the band other than they completely shred. With Gene Hoglan on drums, that alone makes this a must check out band. In addition, they have Anders Lundemark on vocals, the vocalist from another great Denmark death metal band Konkhra. Daemon don’t have much of an online presence but if you get the chance to pick up one of their 3 full lengths, make sure to do so.

A newcomer to the death metal scene, Die have only been around since 2005 and have been kicking ass the whole time. Their only full length album which came out last year called Rise of the Rotten is one killer slab of brutal death metal mayhem. While putting out one of the best albums of the year, the future looks promising for this uncompromising death metal troupe. Make sure to check them out as they will be destroying the senses of the masses for years to come.

Svartsot is modern folk metal to its purest definition. A melodeath band with traditional instruments such as flutes, whistles, mandolins, and accordions, Svartsot has been smashing out great music since2005. They are what Amon Amarth would be if they included extra instruments on top of the standard guitar, bass, and drum set. Incorporating lyrics based on Nordic mythology and Danish Folklore, these guys are so much fun to listen to while drinking mass quantities of beer (or mead if you have the ability to.)

Combining folk metal with power metal is the underground legendary Wuthering Heights, a band that has been around since 1997. With 5 full lengths to their credit, WH has been cranking out Lord Of The Rings metal for years to the enjoyment to fantasy nerds and those who quietly love the same but won’t admit it. When you want to delve into a world of pure fantasy, be sure to pull Rush out of the CD player and crank WH up as high as possible.

So there you have it, 5 great bands from Denmark, a land not always at the forefront of the metal sound wave. Be sure to comment on which bands you like, which ones we may have missed, and anything else that you want to talk about Danish metal. Keep rocking Denmark!

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