Monday, September 1, 2008


Polish death metal legends Vader has posted the following message online:
"We would like to thank to all the participants of our anniversary gig: bands, fans and staff. Thanx to you all we were able to celebrate the 25 anniversary of Vader in so special way. Big thanx to fans for such a numerous presence, bands for fantastic shows they all played in Warsaw, guests for their appearance on this show and our crew for nearly 24 hours of hard work! It was a very important show for us, the more so because it took place in such a difficult circumstances. We were forced to give up an idea of recording DVD due to some technical issues. For technical reasons we were also unable to build a special stage scenery prepared exclusively for this show. Sorry for very long queues for food and drink and the high price of our energy drink - these things were beyond our control. The show ended up turning out well and despite these shortcomings we believe it was a success. Once again- thank you all! All the blood, sweat and tears poured into Vader have been worth it!
"At this point we would like to refer to the changes that have occurred in Vader. As you all probably already know, Mauser and Daray are no longer in the band and this anniversary gig was their last show with Vader. We would say that mentally, they both were out of the band from a long time. They played with us more like a session guys, without any real commitment and dedication. We were thinking about making some changes since a year or something, now we are glad to have this opportunity to build a new band. At the moment we are looking for some new musicians. Probably next week we are going to present you our new lineup. In October the band will appear on tour in Scandinavia with GRAVE and ZONARIA. In January 2009 Vader will hit the road again, sharing the stage with DEICIDE and SAMAEL. Just before this tour, in December we are going to start a pre-production process of our new full length album Necropolis. The recording session is scheduled for March. The album will be mixed by one of the best producers in a music industry! In May 2009 the band will release a new EP. The new album will be out in September. In meantime we are going to appear on many summer festivals. Don't be affraid, Vader don't lose the power and quality. On the contrary we feel it will be much stronger than ever before. Stay Vader'ized, be prepared for a new line up and the upcoming killing album Necropolis!"
(Posted 9/08/08)

Nevermore has revealed that their forthcoming live effort, "The Year Of The Voyager" will be released as both a 2CD and 2DVD product. Both of which contain a full concert recorded live in Germany and the DVD version also contains more live footage shot at events such as Wacken Open Air and Gigantour, aswell as an interview with frontman Warren Dane, all the bands music videos and trailers for other Century Media DVDs. The scheduled release date is October 28th.
(Posted 9/3/08)

As recent rumors have suggested, From A Second Story Window has indeed called it quits. Formed in 2002, the group has put out several releases through Black Market Activies. The following statement has been issued:
"The past several years for us as From A Second Story Window have been quite a roller coaster ride. We have watched trends come and go, looked on as people grew in and out of an ever undulating "scene", and had the chance to watch something we love, our music, grow into an expression we can all truly be proud of. However, the life in a band is much like those very roads we travel down on every tour; hills leading up, followed by valley's dipping downward towards vast, level planes where things begin to feel stagnant and a bit too calm. Then around every corner is a new fad or statement that you can either grow with or simply step aside and let it be what it is, knowing that you are no longer connected at all anymore. For us, with this changing musical market and its inhabitants, it is simply our time to step aside and let the flow continue on without us. It is time for us to venture down new avenues of creativity and to find new things to enrich our lives fully. From A Second Story Window was something that gave us all hope and pride in our small part of the musical world, but with economical woe's pulling us down, and changes in attitude towards the entire movement of "heavy" music, it just seems right to call it quits and move on in our own ways.
"Please accept our deepest thanks to everyone out there who has ever helped us out, made it to our shows, partied with us afterwords (or before, ha ha), and most importantly listened to our music and truly cared about it as much as we did and still do. This is not an end for us as musical people, just an end for us as a group called From A Second Story Window, so be looking for little projects that any of us may do for fun in the future. Again, this entire trip has been a roller coaster ride, and I know that none of us are put out what-so-ever that we bought tickets and got in line! Thanks again to everyone out there, we've had a blast!"
(Posted 9/01/08)

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