Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here is the latest news on the scene

From Nuclear Blast Mail
On September 20th, DARKANE checked in with the following update regarding the new album, Demonic Art:
Finally the mixing of Demonic Art is completed and the album is being mastered right now. 12 songs ended up on the final version with about 48 minutes of pure agressive, brutal, melodic, modern, technical, furious, fast, heavy and insane thrash metal! We are very proud of this album and we know for sure that if you liked what we've done before you won't be disappointed in any way this time either. Darkane has developed in a way that hopefully will give us new fans as well, not meaning that we've turned softer or more mainstream... just better! ...and more humble.
(Posted 8/20/08)

Abysmal Dawn have issued the following post tour update:
"We're back from an extremely successful Relapse Contamination tour with MISERY INDEX and ORIGIN! After two blown tires, a new alternator, a major tune up, some trailer light rewiring and massive amounts of liquor consumed, we've made it back alive! We'd like to thank all the fans that came out to support us and all the cool people we met along the way. It was great touring with MISERY INDEX, ORIGIN and their crews and we hope our paths cross again in the near future!"
"In other news, after almost five years together ABYSMAL DAWN have parted ways with guitarist Jamie Boulanger. Currently Jamie has other priorities that he needs to take care of in his life, including his new baby girl. We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors."
"We are proud to announce Ian Jekelis of ARTISAN as our new second guitarist. Ian filled in for our past two tours and we're proud to have him as a permanent member. Check out Ian playing 'Servants to Their Knees' with us on the Contamination tour here."
"Also, be sure to support us at the Bakersfield (CA) Outdoor Metalfest on 8/23 with EMBRACE THE END and AGENT STEEL among others. Hopefully we'll have a tour that hits the east coast before the end of the year. Until then keep supporting underground metal!"
(Posted 8/19/08)

"The DARK TRANQUILLITY compilation album 'A Closer End' that recently started appearing on the P2P networks as well as on eBay and in certain record stores, is NOT an official DARK TRANQUILLITY album but a bootleg. It's very convincingly made, with a Century Media logo, fake barcode and extensive booklet, but it's nevertheless a bootleg. It's usually a better strategy to be silent about these things, but as a lot of people keep mailing us asking whether 'A Closer End' is a genuine album or not, and since the CD has started to appear on online discographies, presented as a legitimate release, we feel the need to set the record straight."
(Posted 8/17/08)

UK black metal veterans HECATE ENTHRONED will release a box set featuring their entire back catalogue in October through Blackend/Candlelight Records. Entitlted "History in Chaos", the box set will be a very special insight into the band's 14-year history, featuring all five studio albums and a DVD. The package will contain an exclusive new booklet and the first 100 copies will be signed by the band. There will also be secret online content which will be made available on release day (handled by Ultima Media Group).
(Posted 8/15/08)

Triptykon/ex-Celtic Frost mainman Tom Fischer has posted the following message online:
"The intense rain outside continues unabated, and, far in the distance, the torn, grey clouds merge with the earth, obscuring any hint of a horizon. A fitting scenery to a final act of ignominy. I attended seven and a half funereal hours of meetings yesterday, initially with Celtic Frost/Triptykon manager Antje Lange, then including Martin Eric Ain and Celtic Frost's accountant, to discuss in detail the dissolution of most of Celtic Frost's business arrangements and the distribution of the group's remaining assets. What an infinitely doleful and emotionally draining undertaking, and one I did not ever wish to witness. And yet one that was probably unavoidable."
Fischer initially left the group in April of this year citing internal conflict as the reason and taking all music he had been writing for Celtic Frost with him to use in his new band, Triptykon which also features original Celtic Frost drummer Reed St. Mark and Dark Fortress/ex-Celtic Frost touring guitarist V Santura.
(Posted 8/15/08)

Sweden's The Haunted have posted a new track on their Myspace page from their forthcoming album Versus. The song is titled "Moronic Colossus" and is a good example of how they are returning to their thrashier roots. Versus is set to be released on October 14.

(Posted 8/14/08)

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